The Grieving Path

A journey through grief to healing

If you have suffered the loss of a child, please read on. This site was written as a response to my experiences after the loss of my son. My hope is that it will provide you comfort, insight and guidance.

We’ll look at many of the issues that surround loss and grieving, not with the intention to direct your healing, but rather to provide a framework upon which you can build your own personal recovery. It is a long and arduous journey, and my goal is to support you as you try to put your life back together in a world that no longer includes the presence of your child.  

Somewhere on this path, you will begin to heal.

We have become citizens of a new world. One night, during our sleep, we were evicted from the world that we knew and loved and had lived in all our lives. We found ourselves in a land where nothing was familiar. 

No parent is prepared for the death of their child. Early on, it may take all you’ve got just to keep breathing. Hold on and and let some time pass. Take a breath, then take another breath. Repeat.

When you’re ready, join us on the Grieving Path.

to parents
who have
lost a child

In memory of my son, Mason