Staying Connected and Keeping Your Heart Open


The greatest honor you can give you child is to live your life with as much joy, integrity, love, compassion and appreciation as you can. You must keep your heart open to the love you will always have for your child as you continue to give your love to the family by your side. Stay engaged in life, stay connected. It takes time and work to heal but I promise that if you do the work of grieving, if you just keep taking the next step on the grieving path, you will one day be able to step back into life with joy and love.



We have found ways of staying connected to our son on a daily basis. He’ll always be an important part of our family. We have a digital picture frame in the family room with dozens of pictures of our family including many of our beloved Mason. We have created an altar of sorts with some of his favorite things in the den. We tell ‘Mason’ stories, especially at family gatherings. We say his name often. We keep his presence present.

Another way to honor your child is to create a scholarship in his name. The recipient can be someone who shared a dream, a job, a disease or a desire that was near and dear to your child’s heart. If your child had a particular cause or passion, volunteer your time or money to advance it. And always, when given the opportunity to better the world in some way, do it in his name.

Be willing to recognize messages from your child. These are gifts! A sign is anything you can imagine that serves to remind you that your child, though no longer here, is still close by. It could be a particular song, a vivid memory or dream, a sunset, a clanging church bell, a shooting star or a firefly. It can be anything that feels like a connection from your child’s soul to your own. When you feel your heart lighten, your child has just reached out to you. 

Appreciate these gifts fearlessly!



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