A Look Back, A Look Ahead

I think this is a good place to update my grieving process. I remember all to well the feeling that my life was essentially over. The death of my son was not something I could live with with any degree of ease. Ever. Life was now just something to be endured. 

What I didn't know early on was that grief is not static. It evolves. The face of my grief changed from something unimaginably shattering to something I could live with. Barely. The change was slow and it was not always palpable. Anything that shapes your life on a daily basis is subject to change so subtle as to be unnoticed. Your family, your relationships, your home, your job, your weight, your health, your happiness and your sorrow, all change, moment by moment. But these changes usually remain undetected until you are far enough away from where you began to be able to look back and see how far you've come.

This is the postscript; I have found peace. I feel grateful for my life. I am blessed, truly blessed. Once again, I feel hope.  And I never saw it coming.

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