Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are a powerful way to access healing and insight, especially when you are too exhausted to read. Any meditation is beneficial as long as it puts you in a place where you feel relaxed and receptive. You will experience whatever it is you need to experience just by allowing yourself to be guided to a place where you feel safe and supported. The following meditations will fill you with a sense of relative peace and well-being. They are best done on a daily basis when possible. Most can be done in 30 minutes or so.

Belleruth Naparstek has many meditations offering help in combating depression, healing from trauma, achieving healthy sleep, or  healing from loss and grief, but my favorite is the general wellness meditation. Each one is followed by 20 minutes or so of positive affirmations. You can find her offerings at Amazon or on her website where you can search her extensive catalogue of titles and MP3 downloads.

Lynne Newman has some beautiful meditations that I feel are especially beneficial. Healing Circle is a long time favorite. Her cd’s can be found at

Dr. Brenda Davies has several titles which take you to a place of deep relaxation where you can get in touch with your intuitive self, asking questions and receiving answers from the part of you that is not always easy to access. This woman is a gifted spiritual teacher and healer. Find her at

Steven Halpern has many cd’s which will help you to reach a meditative state without words through music and sound waves. Available at



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